Coach Norrie Williamson on using the ElliptiGO as part of your training

September 10, 2016

SA elite runners go for SA Marathon in East London on 20 February and that is one step towards RIO Olympics 2016- In U.S.A over 80 runners of the limited number partaking in the Olympic trials will be using ElliptiGO as part of their cross training or injury management. It has been in SA for two years but with very limited use. The conservative nature of running coaches / advisers and runners in SA result in many losing out.

The ElliptiGO can work for both the elite and injured athletes, as well as those who have been told they can no longer run ( the “old”).  And you don’t even have to buy the machine to try it. In Durban, you can use it in the Body Cycle Gym, situated in 9th Ave, Florida –  or hire one on the beachfront. Similarly, there are venues and people willing to give trials in JHB, PTA, Cape Town and George.
This is NOT an advert – I have my own ElliptiGO and have been using it for over 16 months. I even use it as a means of transportation around Durban, as well as training when I am home.

What amazes me is how it has been accepted at such high levels / elite and recreational levels in USA and UK but in RSA people are so slow to gain the benefit of using the ElliptiGO, and yet this is probably the ideal tool for Comrades and Two Oceans training for all levels.

Perhaps try reading this and some links about the ElliptiGO. Some people are missing out here. I will try to arrange a trial of the new, more portable version and post here ASAP. (Also cheaper) … “

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