ElliptiGO for Coaches

March 10, 2017

ElliptiGO for Rehabilitation

Whether it’s runner’s knee, IT Band issues or stress fractures, most competitive runners find themselves injured at some point, requiring them to integrate low-impact alternatives into their training regimen. Pool running, the elliptical trainer, and the anti-gravity treadmill are helpful options, but most athletes don’t enjoy them because they are stuck inside and isolated from the team. This often leads to frustration and athletes returning to “normal training” prematurely, prolonging their injuries. Some injured runners turn to traditional cycling for low-impact cross-training but most find the bike seat and posture uncomfortable. In addition, they have difficulty elevating their heart rate on a bike, dislike how long it takes to get a workout, and feel it’s much less running-specific.

Because the ElliptiGO closely mimics the running experience outdoors, athletes can get an intense running-specific workout which allows them to maintain their fitness and be outside with the team. This has a tremendous impact on helping them keep a positive mindset while recovering from injury.


ElliptiGO for Cross-Training

The ElliptiGO is much more than a rehabilitation device for injured athletes. By replacing run time or using it as a means of facilitating a taper, it’s a great preventative tool to keep athletes healthy and training consistently. In addition, athletes can improve aerobic capacity and enhance running-specific muscle groups on the ElliptiGO by increasing total training volume and training time. The performance capabilities and wide range of gears enable riders to do interval training or tempo rides on the ElliptiGO just as they would be running, but without the negative costs of impact.










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