August 7, 2016

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Gary Freeman

The comparison between an elliptical and the ElliptiGO is very simple. The Elliptical does absolutely nothing to engage deep Core muscles and the ElliptiGO works on engaging one’s Core and works on the deep Gluteus muscles, hamstring muscles and also engages the rectal oblique and inner transverse muscles of the stomach.

By engaging the core muscles you get a tremendous workout in the triceps area and one gets far better separation between the chest and stomach muscles and along with lean muscle mass gives one a more muscular and conditioned looking body.

All new equipment is subject to criticism; the bottom line is that people across the board shoot from the hip due to ignorance. Those that do not use the machine will never understand its benefits, so they get sidelined by stereotype machines that have reached their sell by date like Treadmills and Elliptical, and rowers, etc. The world has moved into more cross cardio conditioning form of exercising and the results physiologically and cardiovascular are amazing.

And lastly I would love to see you take your Elliptical outdoors and go down the road on it, that would be funny. So the ElliptiGO is Win-Win-Win, in and outdoors, it’s a no-brainer. I have been cycling and cross training for over 30 years now and I am yet to find a training tool that is as effective as the ElliptiGO. Too often we do not let the Body rest. It is in our nature to recover as we know it be it running or cycling on the same piece of equipment day in day out.

This does not constitute rest. What the ElliptiGO does is simple. It allows for Close Kinetic Training which basically means low impact training. The nature of the beast is that it is smooth and the transition in-between strides allows for one to train at optimal threshold. The other contributing factor is the diversification advantage of using different muscle groups. So although one is running you are actually using more of your Gluteus and Core which activates your engine being the Hips and Hip Flexors.

The fundamental benefits of activating one’s core is that it transfers more energy to the whole body. This then allows one to utilize each specific muscle smarter and prevents overuse of any specific muscle. So yes this brings us back to what I said earlier, Close Kinetic Training. No matter what sport you do, the ElliptiGO is an amazing tool for Smart Rest and Recovery whilst still taking you into that aerobic or Anaerobic level of training.

As a Cyclist and as an individual who lives for wellness it has allowed me to train more by training smarter. The tired legs after the weekends riding are now replaced by fresh legs one day later by smooth open training on the ElliptiGO. And with it comes a bigger effort the day after when back on the bike again.

My report is honest and based on my 30 years of experience in the field of cross training and demanding endurance sport of cycling and trail running.


Yours in health and wellness!

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