September 10, 2016

A sensational apparatus that is cost effective for gyms and studios offering a great return on investment – WELCOME TO ELLIPTIGO!

I have been in business in my own Private studio for 18 years. One of the biggest concerns in developing and running a small gym is the concept called Cost to Sale. What do I mean by this, it’s simple? Too often the equipment that is needed to set up a private gym or studio is beyond the return of investment. It took me many years of learning to realize this.

Until a year ago I was continually servicing and maintaining my treadmills and recumbent and upright bikes that cost anything from 50 to 150 k a piece. The only thing is that I was limited to gym use only.

As a functional and Core based trainer and a trainer that has been involved in the Cycling Arena, Professional and Amateur for over 30 years, conventional gym equipment makes no sense to invest in, yet we remain stereotyped by what clients want in the conventional gym even though this makes no business sense.

Functional training apparatus be it cardio equipment or resistance training is cheap and very cost effective. That is where the ElliptiGO comes into action. As a trainer of endurance athletes, the biggest problem facing all of us is recovery. Another major problem is injury created by overtraining or repetitive use of the same muscle group day in day out. This is seen with a lot by Runners, the nature of their exercise is open training or continuous jarring on the road surface by imbalanced strides or injury. The same occurs with cyclists where there can be an overuse of the primary muscle groups being the main heads of the Quad’s and the Gluteus muscle groups.

The ElliptiGO practices a concept called closed kinetic training where there is low impact training and no jarring of the primary and secondary muscle groups at all. This enables athletes or sedentary clients to use the machine as a means of recovery or as a building agent.

By its primary function being Core activation it allows one to use muscle groups around those overused in specific sporting activities daily. It allows one to enhance the development of the engine being the muscle groups around the Hips and Hip Flexors of the body. It allows clients to activate their core and this activation then activates the secondary muscle groups which are essential in aligning the body. I personally use this as a cross-training tool after my big training rides with high Wattage and high RPM. In my personal experience, my power/output ratio on the bike has increased substantially using the ElliptiGO. Running on sore legs is also a thing of the past as the close kinetic effect of the ElliptiGO enables me to (run) as hard as I did the day before and push higher limits with no stress at all.
So yes, it’s a no Brainer. This is the first piece of equipment that I have been able to use indoors and then network with my clients and use outdoors as well. They are also pretty maintenance free, and really easy to maintain. The problem now lies in the fact that every client that comes into my studio goes straight to the ElliptiGO without even blinking at my treadmills anymore.

This has to tell you something!

For any more information or a visual demonstration you can contact me and I will gladly answer any questions that you may have.

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Video showing the stride comparison of Dean Karnazes running superimposed over a video of him riding the ElliptiGO bike


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