Innovative Rehabilitation and Training

March 2, 2017

Using ElliptiGO for Rehabilitation

The ElliptiGO offers your patients a fun and effective alternative to the traditional rehabilitation activities of swimming, cycling, and the indoor elliptical. Unlike swimming and cycling, riding the ElliptiGO is a weight-bearing exercise, helping the patient to prevent muscle atrophy and maintain bone density. The ElliptiGO is easy to ride and balance on while also providing a great core workout for the rider. Most patients also find the ElliptiGO riding experience more comfortable than traditional cycling because they ride in an upright position and don’t experience the neck, back and seat pain that comes with sitting hunched over on a regular bike. But one of the most-loved benefits of the ElliptiGO is that it was designed for use outdoors.

Instead of being relegated to the monotony of indoor treadmills and ellipticals, your patients will be able to enjoy the outdoors and have fun during their workouts. Patients actually want to ride the ElliptiGO, which helps keep them on track with their prescribed rehab program while reducing the likelihood that they will return to normal training prematurely and risk re-injury. The ElliptiGO itself is a versatile piece of equipment for your patient care facility or office. With an adjustable stride length and adjustable handlebar height, the ElliptiGO is suitable for anyone between 5’0” to 6’8” in height and can accommodate a wide range of patients. Everyone from post-surgical patients with limited hip/knee flexion to athletes who are almost healthy enough to re-introduce running back into their training, can use and benefit from the ElliptiGO

What Conditions Benefit from the ElliptiGO?

The ElliptiGO is a great tool for the management of a wide range of issues. Overuse/degenerative cases, post-surgical patients, and injuries of the foot, ankle, knee, hip and spine, in particular, can benefit from use of the ElliptiGO. From the professional athlete that just needs a day’s break from the pounding of running to the OA hip that’s staving off a surgical intervention, the ElliptiGO can be used as an integral part of most plans.









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