September 20, 2016


MAY 5, 2016

Dave Ivison

My name is Dave Ivison. I am 45 years old and from Chester. I am an Ex Army veteran, with 24 years’ service.

I have just taken delivery of an ElliptiGO Arc (May 2016) & I am pleased with the speedy delivery (next day) of the bike. Quick easy set up, slight adjustment of foot platforms and ready to GO!
I am really impressed with the build quality of the bike & how easy it is to ride.

Why did I choose the ElliptiGO Arc?

I have had 8 operations on both knees so am unable to run/ jog for as it is too painful with the impact going though my lower limbs, so have been looking for a different way of training/ rehabilitation that will cause less strain on my joints. I ride a road bike several times a week so wanted something to support/ enhance my training experience.

ElliptiGO Arc rider perspective:

I have got to say what a great experience it is riding the ElliptiGO Arc. It is a real joy to ride! It can only be described as a unique way of riding/running that gives you an intense aerobic workout, but without the stress or pain!

I have not run in any capacity for over 7 years so ElliptiGO is like a revelation! The freedom you get from using the Arc is like no other fitness equipment I have ever used, you can alter your workout intensity to suit your individual requirements. From short sprints to intervals to hill reps to endurance the Arc lets you do it all!

I have had my Arc for approximately a month and can really feel the rehabilitation benefits with the strength of my legs improving all the time. It really is an innovative experience which I would recommend to anyone.

I am looking forward to many more enjoyable hours of ElliptiGO riding.



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