March 2, 2017

NOVEMBER 17, 2015

James Thie Image2Every coach is looking for the edge in helping their athletes’ performance, but also to assist their own delivery. Over a year ago I found a training tool that has had a huge impact on both these key areas, called the ElliptiGO.

This is a training aid that brings cross-training to another level and allows a great workout with limited impact. It gives athletes the chance to come back much quicker from injury, but also (more importantly) prevents injury in the first place. Cross-training is a vital part of any up-to-date training programme and the ElliptiGO is an absolute must within any good structure.

Then (when my athletes are not chasing their own dreams on our ElliptiGO) it’s a great coaching aid for accompanying their long road runs and sessions. Plus, I even get a workout while I’m coaching – so another bonus for a masters runner trying to stay in some kind of shape!

James Thie 

Lecturer, Performance Coach &
Triple World Masters Champion


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