September 20, 2016


JUNE 17, 2014

Simon runningSimon Newton is an ElliptiGO customer from Yorkshire. Simon only got his ElliptiGO recently, due to an injury – but a couple of weeks later, with almost no run-training, he won the inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool Half Marathon…

Here’s his story in his own words…

“I have been a competitive road runner for over 15 years and completed over  40 marathons worldwide – with a PB of 2hrs 36 mins (London Marathon in 2012). Now in my mid 30’s the last 18 months have been spent suffering from injury after injury. They have included  a twisted pelvis and a torn meniscus (which led to an operation on my knee). Every time I got going again and looked to be finding some form, another injury or niggle would hamper my training and limit my running.

“2014 started off with yet more injuries – this time my right ankle. I lost a good few weeks of training with no running, but  managed to get to the start line of both the London and Milton Marathons – which were completed 3 weeks apart from each other. However, both had ended with me hobbling over the finish line due to the injuries impacting me.

“It was fair to say I had become dejected and frustrated with my running, but then whilst running at the Milton Keynes Marathon I had passed someone riding this ‘thing’ that looked like an elliptical trainer – but was yet a bike. It looked great fun – and to be honest more fun than the 26.2 miles I was in progress of running at the time?

“When I got home I begun looking for it on the internet and came across an article about Meb Keflezighi – and this ‘thing’ called an “ElliptiGO” that he used for his training (to win the Boston Marathon). This reminded me of something my Chiropractor had said to me – that substituting long runs for the elliptical trainer in the gym would help preserve my body.

Simon Newton“However, like treadmills, I don’t enjoy gyms (and running and not going anywhere just doesn’t seem right) – yet with an ElliptiGO I could ride my running routes and it looked fun (and that was something I needed to get my motivation back up) so I visited the website and after watching some videos and some more research i got in touch with Idai (at ElliptiGO UK) and before I knew it was eagerly waiting for delivery of my ElliptiGO 8C.

“Within a week it had arrived and after some guidance from Idai how to get going and adjust to it, I was off and about. I hardly ran in those three weeks between finishing Milton Keynes Marathon and my next race the Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool Half Marathon – except for my weekly parkrun. I instead opted to use the ElliptiGO and did a couple of long rides (of up to 2hrs).

“For me these are long rides – as I have never really been a cyclist – but the time flew and I was having great fun. There was no pain or aggravation and I knew I was getting that workout, especially up inclines and hills. On top of that all, the attention and the looks you get from curious passers-by is amazing – and has led to some great conversations!

“So then came race day for the first ever Liverpool Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon. I tussled with the ideas of:

“Would it be sensible to run?”

“Would my ankle hold?”

“After strapping it with lots of RockTape I opted to run – promising myself there would be no self-endued pressure or expectations – and just seeing what happened. As I got to the start line I felt refreshed and set off perhaps a little hard – especially with the lack of running – but the rest and alternative training seemed to pay off.

“Although I did suffer minor niggles the race went fantastically well. I led from start to finish to win the race out in 1hr and 14 minutes. Although I had won some smaller races before I had never experienced such a big win.

“Although very new to the ElliptiGO – and only having had a few weeks with it – I really believe my ‘new toy’ had a major impact in that run and, as for the ankle, I am awaiting the medical assessment and a possible lay-off whilst it is fixed.

Simon N“I will have the ElliptiGO to help me get back into top condition so my focus is now on a 2015 SpringMarathon – with the Tokyo, Paris and London Marathons planned in the hope of cracking the sub 2hr 35 min barrier – and I am confident that with a good winter training plan, which will heavily involve the ElliptiGO to compliment my training, I can do it.

“My only regret is that I didn’t discover the ElliptiGO 18 months ago after my knee operation – but at least I am now part of this unique ‘family’ and I am attending the Tour of London in July and am very excited about meeting people like Idai and fellow experienced ElliptiGO riders to share their knowledge and experiences…”


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