Niel Thiart did the 99er on the Elliptigo arc

March 11, 2017

I got the opportunity to do the 99er on the Elliptigo Arc. Got some mixed feelings when chatting with some of the guys. I’m super scared of hurting myself. I thought maybe I must do it on the Elliptigo and not the Arc…..
I’m in the process of training for the Ironman 70.3 in Durban. Starting in the morning and I did not know what to expect, perfect weather and here we go.I started slowly, up to a point I thought then I needed to see what this Arc can do. Chasing bikes, dropping some of them, and got the drop on many. Going up some the steep climbs, I knew this is fun dropping more cyclists than you can count. I think a few cyclist hated me for passing them and doing it with a smile.Going down hill is also fun but scary and once you go into that aero position you know your legs are tired because you need to do a squad to get low.
 I had a blast on the Arc and will definitely do it again!


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