Responsive, nimble and quick: enjoy a whole new riding experience with our new Stand Up Bike. Get a fun, killer full-body workout in less time and burn 33% more calories than riding a traditional bike. Enjoy the familiar bicycle pedal stroke without the neck, back and seat pain. Light and portable, this bike is ready to go wherever you GO. The SUB is ideal for whatever your goals are, whether it’s getting fit fast or getting from point A to point B.

What are the Benefits of Stand Up Cycling?

  • Low-ImpactLow-Impact The smooth motion provides a great workout that’s gentle on your knees, hips, ankles and back.
  • Fun to rideFun to ride The speed, handling and motion feels like “running on air,” giving you a carefree exercise experience at any age.
  • ComfortableComfortable The natural “stand up” riding position reduces stress on your neck and back while completely eliminating seat pain.
  • Heart HealthyHeart Healthy Burns 33% more calories than a traditional bicycle, providing a better workout in less time.
  • Great full-body workoutGreat full-body workout The stand-up position of elliptical bikes engages your core and upper body in addition to your legs.
  • OutsideOutside Meant to ride freely outdoors on the same paths that you walk, jog, run or bike, but compatible with indoor stationary trainers (3C, 8C and 11R only), so you can train year round no matter the weather.

Built to Match Your Stride


Enjoy a secure, steady and powerful ride with our specifically-engineered foot pedals.


Our adjustable toe cages are an additional option when you’re looking to add power to your ride experience.

Putting You in Control


A simple quick-release lever makes it fast and easy to adjust the height for any rider or to transport the SUB in a vehicle.


Compatibility with a variety of traditional bike and ElliptiGO-specific accessories allows you to deck out your bike with the gear you need to tackle any situation on any ride.

The Essentials


The 8 gears reduce maintenance and provide a large range of resistance, allowing you to conquer the steepest of hills and sprint at speeds of 20mph+.


Pick a color that suits your style. The ElliptiGO SUB comes in glossy Red, matte Sky Blue and matte Gunmetal.

System Specifications
  • Wheelbase 46.6” (118cm)
  • Total Length 66” (168cm)
  • Weight 28.8 lbs (13.0 kg)
  • Operating Height 48.5-54.5” (123-138cm)
  • Storing Height (with front wheel) 45.5” (116 cm) with steering extender
  • Storing Height (no front wheel) 24.5” (62 cm) without steering extender
  • Storing Height (w/ front wheel)
  • Crank Length 5.9” (150mm)
  • Gears/Speeds 8
  • Total Gear Range 309%
  • Avg Gear Step 18%
  • Gear Ratio Range 1.8 – 5.4
  • Gear Inch Range 34 – 105
  • Stride Length 11.8” (30 cm)
  • Gain Ratio Range 1.8 – 10.4
  • Stride Height 11.8” (30 cm)
  • Front and Rear Brakes Linear pull rim brakes
  • Grips Clamp on anti-rotation, with Ergonomic shelf
  • Cranks Custom forged aluminum
  • Frame 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Fork 20” butted chro-moly with 1.5” steerer
  • Brake Levers Two finger levers
  • Propulsion System Circular Drive
  • Drive Arms N/A
  • Track System N/A
  • Chainring 60-tooth, 130 BCD, 6061 – T6 aluminum
  • Cassette 8-speed 11-34 tooth range
  • Bottom Bracket Oversized M48, isis spline, sealed bearings
  • Sprocket N/A – Uses Cassette
  • Hub Alloy freewheel hub
  • Steering Column Adjustable height index locking
  • Steering Extender Chro-moly steel, anti-rotation indexing
  • Headset 1.5” threadless
  • Kickstand Single leg, forged aluminum kickstand
  • Tires Kenda Kwest, 20” x 1.5” 60TPI, 100-psi
  • Handlebar Alu. MTB riser bar, 50 mm x 670mm
  • Stem Forged aluminum, 80mm x 7 deg.
  • Shifter 8-speed trigger
  • Front Wheel 20” aluminum aero profile rim, 28-spoke
  • Rear Wheel 20” aluminum aero profile rim, 32-spoke
  • Climbing Activity Climb steep hills up to 20-30% grade
  • Recommended Riding Terrain Flat & hilly terrain
  • Cruising Speed (flat terrain) 12 mph (20 kph)
  • Sprinting Speed (flat terrain) 20+ mph (32+ kph)
  • Workout Resistance Selection 8 different levels of resistance. 309% total resistance range. 18% difference between levels

The SUB is an incredible bike, it allows me to stand up and ride any road I choose! Thank you for your innovation in creating yet another amazing product at ElliptiGO!

– Clayton W.

Gives Me a Fast Workout That Keeps Me Injury-Free

I use the SUB for my shorter, faster workouts. When I don't have a couple hours to endurance train, the SUB is the perfect tool. I can get a killer workout without killing my skeleton from the pounding. Anything that reduces the risk of injury and keeps me moving is the perfect workout tool in my mind. Plus, you can't beat the price.

- Patti

My Favorite Bike Of All Time

I've been riding the Arc every day for 2 and a half years. It was my only bike. After assembling my new SUB, I took it on my regular ride I usually do with my Arc. Wow! The SUB is everything I was hoping it would be and more. I love this bike! I'm cutting up the shipping box, because there's no way I'm returning it. It's awesome! Thank you to the ElliptiGO crew for designing it. It's now my favorite bike of all time.

- Fred

I'm Totally In Love With The SUB

I'm totally in love with the SUB and look forward to riding it as often as I can. I heard that the best way to keep your body "young" is to raise your heart rate regularly. Now I have a fun, painless, effective way to do that. Thank you, ElliptiGO!

- Ken C.

ElliptiGO® SUB

3500 AED | Colours Available: Red, Gunmetal and Sky Blue


Fitness and fun have arrived in our sleek new Stand Up Bike. Featuring a powerful pedal stroke and comfortable stand up position, the SUB provides a responsive ride without the neck, back and seat pain associated with traditional cycling.

Max rider weight capacity 113kg


Discover the Fun, Comfort and Pure Exhilaration of Elliptical Cycling.