Weight Loss 100 pound goal with the ElliptiGO!

October 3, 2017

Testimonial from Lyn Huston – USA


I bought my first GO in April 2014 after experiencing a lot of knee and back problems. Even walking was too much impact for me. I did a lot of GO-ing those first few years, but I finally got serious about having an eating plan along with deciding to buy an indoor trainer last October.

I felt like I needed to be very consistent about using the indoor trainer since it’s not an inexpensive piece of equipment. So, I decided to ride every day in November. When I finished November, I thought it wasn’t so bad and I’d try for December as well.

I just sort of kept on going every day until Sheri Kanter mentioned one day in February or March that I should do every day all year. I’d done a sort of 100-day challenge for myself as well, and had kept on going after that. I wasn’t really committed to it until Every Day in May happened. Then I realized I was halfway there and thought I might as well see if I could do it.

When 100 days to EDAY were left, I sort of jokingly started the count down with 99 bottles of beer on the wall, which is sort of a campy song that people sing to pass the time on long rides.

My plan for eating since last November has been intermittent fasting, with generally a 20 hour fast and a 4hour eating window each day. It’s been some kind of magic for me in controlling my intake. I never feel deprived, because I can eat what I want, and my body seems to create “cravings” for the nutrients my body needs. I don’t count calories or carbs or points. I don’t do meal prep other than planning my one meal a day. I eat out and have what I want about once a week. I eat until I’m full and then stop. The hours spent in GOing and other active things keep me from obsessing about when my eating window opens.

I’ve gone from a size 22-24 jeans size to a size 7! It’s just crazy to me! The before picture was me in a men’s shirt size 3X. I now wear a medium.

In July 2016, which is the before picture, I weighed at least 247 pounds, or likely more….

As of today, I weigh 164.8 pounds, and in four tenths more of a pound, I will have dropped from Obese to Overweight, and finally to NORMAL weight on the B.M.I. scale!

Having lost 83 pounds, I hope to lose another 17 pounds to make it a full 100-pound weight loss. I’m indebted to ElliptiGO and the ElliptiGO family/community/culture that has accepted me at whatever weight I was and supported and cheered me on as I’ve traveled the journey of a return to health and an active lifestyle. I’m very grateful.


Oh I was also a type 2 diabetic with high blood pressure and those are both well controlled now. I don’t need to take blood pressure meds anymore. I still take Metformin for my diabetes, but my doctor may well discontinue that when I go for my annual check up this month.


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